Alissa Firsova: Russian Émigrés

Outstanding British-Russian composer-pianist Alissa Firsova talks about her new recording on the VIVAT label, “Russian Émigrés”.

This recording features music for solo piano by three generations of composers who fled Russia: Sergei Rachmaninov, Alissa’s parents (the composers Dmitri Smirnov and Elena Firsova) and Alissa herself.

Recorded at The Menuhin Hall, the major cornerstones of the recording are two astonishing works by Rachmaninov, the rarely-heard, original 1913 version of his Second Piano Sonata, Op. 36, and his Variations on a Theme of Corelli, Op. 42. Partnering these are Elena Firsova’s 2002 work “For Alissa”, Dmitri Smirnov’s Sixth “Blake” Sonata, and Alissa Firsova’s own “Lune Rouge”.

This video was filmed live at the recording sessions, and as well as presenting the remarkable musical talents of this exciting young pianist, Alissa also speaks about influences on her music-making, as well as the joy that recording brings her.

Russian Emigrés is available on the VIVAT label (catalogue: VIVAT 109), with worldwide release on 14 August 2015. High resolution downloads are also available from and from all good download sources.